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Made From Sustainable soy wax and all natural wood wick

Burn time 50+ Hrs

Reusable Jar

*Boyfriend whether you have a boyfriend or not this candle with keep you company with this amazing manly scent. 

*Home Sweet Home This candle is perfect for any kitchen ( or anywhere) this lemony, rosemary, vanilla dream will have your house smelling like its fresh from the pages of Better Homes & Gardens

*Unicorn scented with smells like: raw Turbino Sugar, lemon vest, meringue, whipped cream, Madagascar vanilla, rainbows and magic. Made with 100% organic eco soy, all natural hemp wick & fragrance oils. (Best Seller)

Peach Better Have My Honey Smells Like: A mix of fresh peaches, ginger, warm vanilla , Honey and a bit of bubbly champagne.

Birthday Cake Grab a slice of cake! 

*Check Out Those Melons Smells Like: A mix of all out favorite summer melons! Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Honey Dew and a hint of peach.